Are you ready to experience energy, confidence, and health that you previously only dreamed about?


  • Have you been feeling desperate to lose weight and have more energy?
  • Are you scared about developing diabetes or heart disease?
  • Have you tried every diet and just can’t seem to do it on your own?
  • Do you lack motivation and willpower?

Before you give up on yourself, try the…



Intentional Eating Program:
Your Personalized Plan for Energy, Confidence, and Health




  • How it will feel to be comfortable in your own skin.
  • The peace you will experience when you are in control of food, emotions, and cravings.
  • Your doctor will be so pleased when your blood work is normal, your blood pressure is lowered, and you reduce or eliminate your medications!

My clients achieve these amazing results and you can too!

  • Greater confidence in how they look and feel.
  • Disease prevention and decreased money spent on medications and diet drugs and/or food.
  • Elimination of emotional eating and an ability to manage cravings.
  • Freedom from dieting and food obsessions.
  • Increased energy.

I work with clients through several different programs designed to help them achieve their health and nutrition goals at a pace they can handle and with a level of support that ensures success. Some clients need a little support, some need much more – read on to see what programs fits you.

Intentional Eating 101 Virtual Course: This program is perfect for those who are desperate to feel better, but don’t have the time to even start.  You will work at your own pace through an 8-lesson course, including group support.  You’ll be amazed how much better you feel and how much you will learn as you learn how to eat intentionally and find the diet that is perfect for you.

REAL Meal Plan Program: This program is perfect for those just beginning to eat better, wanting to burst through a plateau, or wanting to manage a disease (Pre-diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, etc.). Not only do you get your personalized meal plan, you get in-depth individual sessions to get the education and support you need to be successful. We’ll have time to fine-tune your plan based on your health goals and get you started on the path to success.  We will address the barriers that are unique to you, such as eating out, lack of exercise, or emotional eating.  You will feel energized and excited about your new way of life.  And don’t worry…there is no cookie-cutter approach here: this program is R=realistic. E=education. A=assess. L=livable.

Intentional Eating Program: Feel better inside and out by investing in the 6-month program. This program is perfect for the chronic dieter, emotional eater, and food addict. You’ll not only get one-on-one support, you’ll benefit from FREE attendance to all my classes and additional bonuses that will contribute to your success.  These 6 months will be the start of a new way of life and relationship with food.  This program is for you if you’re ready to change your life, change your relationship with food, and never look back. You’ll feel more confident, have more energy, feel better physically, and feel more peace towards your health.  By having 6 months to address the 8 Pillars of Health we will have you on track for a lifetime of wellness and happiness.

SUCCESS Membership Program: Once you’ve completed a program with us, we want to see you succeed for life.  This program keeps you motivated all year long with support groups, recipes and meal plans, and new class topics every month.

COMPARE the difference between Programs in the chart below. If you are ready to take the first step to improve your health, call me for a free Jumpstart Session. We can work out the best option for you.



Intentional Eating 101 Course

REAL Meal Plan Program

Intentional Eating Program SUCCESS Membership Program
Length of time varies 2 months 6 months 12 months
Jumpstart call
Welcome kit  
Nutrition Assessment    
Personalized meal plan  
Food tracking via app
Membership to private Facebook Group  
Subscription to menu service  
Tracking forms
Complete Intentional Eating Program      
Attendance to group classes    
Personal Grocery Store Tour      
Subscription to Mindful Magazine      
Nutrigenomix genetic test      
# of sessions* 8-lesson course weekly live or virtual sessions weekly live or virtual sessions Monthly group class and menus/recipes
Installments NA $399 $349 x 4 $35/month
Pay in full $99 $399 $1396 $349/year

If you are ready to take the first step to improve your health, call me for a free Jumpstart Consultation.
We can work out the best option for you.

*Some insurance plans may cover all or some of the in-person sessions. Ask me if you want to learn more.