Think About Your Drink

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t think much about your beverage choices and how they may positively or negatively affect your health.  That might be a big mistake!  Two research articles from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association emphasize why “think about your drink” is good advice to follow.

The first article describes a study where the participants fasted overnight and then either drank a liquid meal replacement or ate a solid meal replacement bar.  Both the drink and the bar had equal calories, protein, and fat.  Two hours later everyone was served a bowl of oatmeal.  The researchers weighed the oatmeal before and after to measure the amount consumed.  Their appetites were also measured at various intervals.  The results showed that the subjects who drank the liquid meal replacement ate more oatmeal and reported higher levels of hunger.  Even though all participants were eating or drinking the same amount of calories, the ones who drank their calories ended up eating more!

The second article addresses drinking water before meals.  The subjects were asked to fast and then half were given 2 cups of water and the other half were not.  Thirty-minutes later all of the participants were given breakfast.  The ones who drank the water ate significantly less (13%) than the ones who did not.

As these studies emphasize, by choosing your beverages carefully you can help achieve your health goals. Are you trying to gain weight? Then choose healthy drinks (juice, skim milk, or meal replacement beverages) with your meals and snacks. They will provide you with calories and nutrients, but not curb your appetite.

Are you trying to lose weight?  Then stay hydrated and try to drink a few cups of water 30 minutes before you eat your meals.  Also, choose meal replacement bars instead of beverages to keep yourself from eating too much at your next meal.

Don’t forget, your beverage choices can negatively or positively affect your overall health!


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