Bariatric Toolkit:



Everything you need to prepare your clients for Bariatric Surgery.

Are you wasting time researching bariatric nutrition and creating your own handouts? Are you losing clients because you don’t know what to do to help them prepare for weight loss surgery? 

I have been there—but not anymore!  You can earn more revenue just like I do, by counseling clients who are preparing for weight loss surgery. 

I have been working in bariatrics for over 10 years and have perfected my bariatric nutrition.  I work with multiple surgeons and have NEVER had insurance deny one of my clients for surgery due to not having the right information from me.  By using my assessment forms and education handouts you can have the same success and confidence.    

You will get EVERYTHING you need in this toolkit, including:

  • A step-by-step, detailed procedure of how to counsel your bariatric clients, what to teach at each session, what to document for insurance purposes, and what schedule to follow. Includes steps from the moment the client calls you to the day of surgery.
  • Approximately 13 educational handouts with everything your client needs to know to have a successful surgery. Some examples are: What to Expect Before Bariatric Surgery, Protein Powder and Shakes Buying Guide, Liver Reducing Diet, Checklist to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery, and Summary of Post-op Diet Stages.
  • New client paperwork (doc format so you can tweak and add your own branding)
  • Assessment forms for each session (doc format so you can edit)
  • And 2 bonus handouts addressing common post op concerns.

This Toolkit is perfect the RDN who wants to make more money by counseling bariatric clients.  You can use these with your clients individually or in your bariatric program.  You won’t need any other resource to get your clients ready for surgery day.

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