Presentations for your office, group, or club are available.   Choose from these topics or inquire about a topic of your choice:


Mindfulness and Chocolate: Why We Need Both

  • Through a multi-sensory, hands-on demonstration, experience the value of being mindful while you eat and how to begin apply mindfulness on a daily basis.
  • Learn the health benefits of chocolate and how to manage cravings.


How to Change Mindless into Mindful Eating

  • Learn the strategies for creating an environment that encourages and promotes success.  By changing your surroundings, you can make it easy to eat well and be healthy!


Stop the Food Fight!

  • Learn the first steps to living peacefully and guilt-free by discussing the ways you can break free from food issues and call a truce with your body.


Strategies for a Stress-Free Week: How to Write Menus and Organize Your Recipes

  • Save time and money by learning how to create menus your whole family will love!
  • Learn the tips for organizing your recipes so you’ll never have to wonder, “What’s for dinner?”


Eat Like a Kid: The Busy Mom’s Rules to Feeling Young Again

  • Learn the simple tricks of eating that your children already know.
  • Love your body just like your toddler does!


3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy, Achieve Greater Health, and Become More Physically Fit

  • Too busy to eat well and exercise?  Try these 3 practical tips that will fit into any lifestyle.


Baby Boot Camp

  • Get the straightforward facts for feeding your baby and toddler.


Feed Your Kids Right

  • Feeding kids can by stressful.  I’ll help you overcome your child’s pickiness, weight problems, and food battles so you can enjoy mealtime again.


Virtual Grocery Store Tour

  • Take a virtual stroll through the grocery store and learn what foods are worth your money and will really improve your health.


The EMPOWER System to Permanent Weight Loss

  • Learn and apply the 7 steps to greater energy, confidence, and health.