Eat According to Your Genes with Nutrigenomix Genetic Test

Did you know that your genes can help to determine the best diet for you?

It’s true!

Nutrigenomics is the science that studies the interaction between the nutrients we eat and our genes. Knowing more about your unique genetic makeup can help you find the optimal diet for your health, wellness, and even your fitness!

With a Nutrigenomix test, you can learn:

✔ What nutrients you should focus on in your diet to best meet your unique needs

✔ How to eat to reach your performance, weight loss, or body composition goals

✔ Information about your fitness strengths or areas to improve upon, as well as your risk for injury and tips to prevent or manage it

To learn more about Nutrigenomix and finding your best diet, contact me today or purchase here. (The fee includes the test, report, and an hour consultation with me to interpret, review, and apply the results.)