Bariatric Surgery Shopping List

Two weeks before surgery, be sure that you have the following items (or something similar):

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Bariatric Food Journal

Nutritionix App (send a message to your dietitian before downloading this app so you can get the FREE version and she will be linked to your account)

Measuring cups and spoons
Food scale
Protein drinks
Sugar free syrups to add to protein drinks
Extract/oil to flavor protein drinks or water
Blender for mixing protein drinks and blending food after surgery
Blender bottle for protein drinks
Strainers for straining out chunks during stage 2 and 3 diets
Medicine cups to for portioning fluids
Mini forks and spoons to encourage small bites
Timer to remind you to take 20-30 min to eat your meals and snacks
Pill cutter to cut pills until 3 months post op
Cups for portioning out blended foods
Sugar-free and calorie-free ice pops for use on the liver shrinking diet and post op
Caffeine-free herbal teas
An example of a no-calorie water-enhancer
An example of bean soup