The Intentional Eating Program:

Your personalized plan for energy, confidence, and wellness

I will guide and support you session-by-session through the 8 pillars of health so you can overcome fatigue, fears, physical pain, and hopelessness.

Be the master of your health.


Nutrition: I will compassionately and gently guide you to a new way of eating that is right for your body and lifestyle.
Meal plans


Food labels

Grocery shopping

Disease management



Recipe modification

Water, Macronutrients, Micronutrients


Timing of meals


Microbiome (gut): Your gut can make or break your success so I will help you make the most of it.
Prebiotic foods Probiotics
Physical activity: I can help you find a plan that is right for your body and most importantly enjoyable.
Exercise plan

Sedentary time

Pre-exercise fueling

Post-exercise fueling

Mind: I will help you identify mental barriers that are holding you back and lead you towards a stronger mind.
Goal setting

Special occasions and lapses

Mindful eating


Emotional eating

Recognizing mindless eating

Positive vs. negative thinking

Eliminate diet mentality thinking

Black and white thinking

Fine tune hunger/fullness

Improve your body image


Environment: I will help you create a success-promoting environment so you can burst through barriers and plateaus.
Daily schedule

Dealing with saboteurs

Setting up an environment for success

Stimulus control

Eating out

Grocery shopping



Stress: This one factor can wreak havoc on your hormones and I am here to help you fix it.
Anti-inflammatory foods Stress management techniques
Sleep: Optimizing your sleep will optimize your metabolism.
Falling asleep

Sufficient sleep

Night eating/snacking/cravings

Restful sleep

Foods that aid in sleep

Genes: Through genetic testing, we can unlock secrets to your success that only your genes can tell you.
Customize your diet based on your genes

Over the years as I’ve dedicated my career to weight management.  I’ve received the highest level of training, while reading diet books, flipping through magazines, attending seminars and workshops, and listening to webinars.  I’ve made note of all the weight loss “gems” that are proven to work and thrown out all the “junk”.  You know that you can’t go a day without seeing something in the media about weight loss.  It can leave your head swimming from information overload.  I and my clients have been in your shoes.  We know what it is like to struggle with our weight.  We know what it is like to feel out-of-control with eating.  We know what it is like to be enticed by the latest fad.  But, are not anymore.  Now we are at our natural, healthy weights; we are active; we are healthy; we feel at peace with food.  You can too.

I have taken a mix of science, personal experience, and professional experience to bring you my Intentional Eating Program to overcome emotional eating and settle at the weight that is right for you.  After working together, you won’t be tempted by another diet again.  You’ll be empowered with a personal plan that works for your lifestyle and your unique history.

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