For Kids

Calling all Moms and Dads!
Are you frustrated with your kids’ picky eating habits?  Are you confused about what to feed them? Are you worried about their weight?

We know you want your kids and teens to be happy, healthy, and successful in their activities and sports. We know you want to feed them right without taking more time out of your busy schedule.

We can help with your kids’ nutrition.  We will work with you and your family to develop a realistic and personalized plan.

Services, Programs, and Products for Babies, Children, Teens, and Families

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you in investing in your child and/or family to gain greater confidence, improved health, and overall happier lives.  We look forward to working with your family to achieve your goals.  As you may expect, permanent lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight.  We are here to support you for as long as it takes to reach your health goals.  We want to help your family maintain appropriate weights, have a positive body image, and have a normal relationship with food.

By choosing the Fresh Start Family Program you will:

  • Gain confidence in knowing what to feed your children.
  • Gain clarity in having a realistic and simple plan tailored to your family’s needs.
  • Experience decreased stress, worry, tantrums, and frustration in the feeding process.
  • Feel happier knowing you are making the best choices for your child.
  • Have a child that is growing into the body that is right for her/him and is open to trying new foods.
  • Have more time and energy to put into other activities because you will know what to feed your child and won’t be worried anymore.

Your child will:

  • Feel empowered knowing she/he can trust herself to choose foods that she likes and are good for her/him.
  • Have improved body image in knowing that he/she is growing into the body that is right for him/her.
  • Take more responsibility for feeding her/himself because she/he knows what to eat.


Are you ready to reach a greater level of health and confidence?  Please contact us here.  We can’t wait to start working with you and your family and empower you with the tools you need to feed your family right!