Everything You Need to Know to be Ready for Bariatric Surgery

Congratulations on making the life-changing decision to have bariatric surgery!  We are honored to be a part of your journey and will be here to support you both before and after surgery.  Our dietitians specialize in bariatric nutrition and are ready to help you be successful.  Our program is a combination of online learning and live classes. 

We know you are excited to get started on preparing for your surgery.  Here are the steps to follow and what to expect:

Register as soon as possible for our online course here.  The cost of the mandatory online course is $140.  If you are not able to pay the cost of the course all at once, please choose the “free” version and you may pay in installments.

  • After you register and log in, you will see a section called Before You Get Started and Month 1.  Please complete those sections before attending your first session with the dietitian.  These sections will answer some questions you may have about the surgery and will get you ready for the appointment.  Jot down any questions you have for us, so we can spend our time together addressing your concerns. If you have not completed Month 1, you will not be able to keep your 1st session, which may delay your surgery.
  • Next, we will email you two forms to fill out: Welcome Kit and Bariatric-Metabolic Health Questionnaire.  They will come from Nutrition Solutions.  Please fill these out before you attend the live class.
  • Attend your first group class either virtually or live, this coming Thursday @ 11:00 AM.  Please call us at 409-767-8100 to reserve your spot.  Please note: we do not have someone answering our phones.  Please leave a message or text us and we will get back to you ASAP.

To ensure your surgery is not delayed, please register for the online course as soon as you get home today and attend class this Thursday.

While you are waiting to get started, here are a few important things to know:

  • Your insurance requires that your sessions are 28 days apart.  If you miss a session, please be aware your surgery may be delayed or you may have to start the program over again.
  • The nutrition program costs $140 for the 3-month program and $245 for the 6-month program
  • Your first appointment with the dietitian is on Thursday @ 11 AM.

Again, we are so honored and excited to be a part of your journey.  We look forward to meeting you on Thursday!

Our contact information: Owner/lead dietitian: Kelli Worley, MS, RDN, CSOWM, LD

Other dietitians: Arda Buyuktimin and Tessa Hughes

Office phone: 409-767-8100 (accepts texts)

Address: 990 IH 10 N, Suite 215, Beaumont 77706