Are you confused about what to eat?

Your doctor, your friends, your neighbor, the internet, and even your hair stylist are all telling you what you should and should not eat.  You don’t know what to do.  It’s frustrating because all you want to do is lose weight (or stop gaining!), improve your blood sugar and cholesterol, and feel better.  It shouldn’t be this hard, should it?  Americans are busier than ever.  You don’t have time to meal plan or exercise, let alone read every diet book until you find the best diet for you.  You are too busy and are starting to feel it may not even be possible.

Don’t worry…there is hope!

Think how great it’s going to feel when you stop gaining weight, see your blood pressure and blood sugar decrease, improve your cholesterol, and most importantly FEEL BETTER.  Imagine how much time you will save when you can stop scouring the internet for the latest diet info.  You’re going to feel so confident knowing what to eat for YOU.  Can you imagine how it will feel to never buy another diet product or start a new diet again? 

You can end the yo-yo dieting craze and get a Custom Jumpstart to Wellness by getting support, knowledge, and accountability.

You need a break-down of nutrition and exercise into understandable, relatable, personalized, and actionable steps that you CAN do.  

That’s what I’m here for!  I can tell you what diet is best for you AND make it do-able.  I love helping my clients ditch diets and learn what really is the best nutrition for their bodies. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches.  Everyone is unique and deserves personalized advice. 

The Solution is my Custom Jumpstart Program

I am here to help!

My Custom Jumpstart Program provides you with support, accountability, knowledge, empowerment, motivation, and results.  Is your biggest obstacle YOU?  This program will change that.  By getting group support and one-on-one help with me, we can push past any barriers or obstacle.

By enrolling in the Custom Jumpstart Program, you will get the

  • results
  • confidence
  • knowledge
  • energy
  • and wellness that you’ve been wanting for as long as you can remember. 

Here’s how it works:

How is this done?  The Custom Jumpstart Program starts January 23, 2023, and this is what you get:

  • Access to the pre-work as soon as you join, which will help you start seeing progress and results right away
  • 8 weeks of virtual classes (or in person in Andalusia, AL) with a new lesson and Q&A
  • 8 modules with lessons, worksheets, and assignments
  • A private group for support and Q&A
  • Weekly meal ideas and recipes


The cost for this 8-week program is a one-time payment of $199.  This includes all the group support, meetings, lessons, and classes.  You get access to this course for 2 months even after it is over.  Sign up now by clicking here:


Q: Who is a good fit for this program?

A: If you are ready to make changes to your diet and lifestyle and are ready to ditch diets forever, then this program is a good fit for you.  Even better if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or are worried about your weight.  We address all of these topics in this program.

Q: Who is NOT a good fit for this program?

A: If you currently have an eating disorder (anorexia, binge eating disorder, or bulimia), severe digestive issues (IBS, crohn’s, IBS, etc.), or are looking for the latest diet or quick fix, this program is not for you.  Or if you are not comfortable with technology, you are not a good fit for this program.  Contact us to for other options.

Q: What days and times do we meet?

A: We will meet on Tuesdays @ 12:00 PM via video chat, starting January 24, 2023.  You just need a computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone to join in.  You will receive a link to the class a few days before. You also have access to an online program where you can view the modules.

Q: How soon will the recordings be available?

A: If you are not able to make a meeting, the replay of each class will be available by Monday of the following week.

Q: Do I have to have a Facebook account?

A: No, but it is ideal. Group support is a key part of this class.  Participating in the group is highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Q: What results should I expect?

A: Results you can expect are more knowledge, confidence, empowerment, and support.  No one can promise physical results, but we certainly can plan for improvements in blood work and blood pressure, weight maintenance (or loss), and increased energy.  Don’t forget that everyone is metabolically different and progresses at a different rate.  Try not to compare yourself to others in the group, but instead learn from each other and enjoy the journey you are on. 

Topics we will cover:

  • Week 1: Crave those carbs
  • Week 2: Power up with protein
  • Week 3: Hone in on hunger
  • Week 4: Strive for satisfaction
  • Week 5: Fabulous fats
  • Week 6: Fit in fitness
  • Week 7: Fill up on fiber
  • Week 8: Power up with produce