Are You an Intentional Eater?

To define “intentional eating” it’s easier to first explain what it is NOT:

  • Eating by the clock or diet rules
  • Obsessing over food and weight
  • Constantly off or on a diet
  • Feeling out-of-control with food
  • Embarrassed by the amount or way you eat
  • Bingeing on food or eating compulsively
  • Disconnected from food and your body
  • Confused by knowing what the “right” way to eat is
  • Feeling you will never be a “normal” eater
  • Eating whatever is handy, in front-of-you, or available at the time
  • Not having a plan to manage your eating
  • Eating when stressed, lonely, bored, happy, anxious, angry, or depressed

On the other hand, an intentional eater does the following:

  • Honors her hunger, fullness, and food likes/dislikes
  • Never diets again
  • Eats food that nourishes her body and mind
  • Feels in control of food and cravings
  • Soothes emotions in productive ways that don’t involve food
  • Is successful in managing her weight and health
  • Empowered with a daily plan
  • Is proud, strong, and free from food issues

Which category do you fall into?  If you would love to become an intentional eater, then try my “Intentional Eating-Home Study Course.”

If you’ve struggled with your weight or food/body issues all your life, you may wonder: is this just another “diet” to waste my money on?  Most definitely it is not.  I’ve combined a variety of methods for treating food issues to bring this class to you.  I’ve seen so many people that long to be healthy and free up their mental energy by focusing less on the scale, calories, and fat grams.  Yet, they are scared.  Are you scared of failing one more time?  Are you scared of actually hoping that you can finally be FREE from food and make PEACE with your body?  I understand.  It takes faith to take that step and let go of the dieting rollercoaster.  You CAN learn to trust your body again.  We were all born with the ability to naturally regulate our intake and love our bodies.  Think of the children that you know.  They instinctively know when they are hungry and when they are satisfied. You CAN reclaim your intuition.  By having a support system and learning the steps of “Intentional Eating”, you will be amazed at the transformation.

“My little intentional eater. She eats to get rid of hunger and experience new foods. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

“My little intentional eater. She eats to get rid of hunger and experience new foods. Nothing more. Nothing less.”